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i do.

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Carefully Selected & Audited Factories.

Ensuring Ethical & Human Rights Are Adhered To Within Manufacturing 

Product Testing To Meet All Up To Date Regulatory Safety Standards

Packaging Specifications Fully Compliant Labelling and Safety Features For Product Packaging

On Time Delivery Planned Shipping & Delivery To Agreed Container, Pallet or Package Specifications

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From Collaborative Design to Product Creation

At Blue Bear EDU we pride ourselves on aligning our work with your critical pathways.


Our designs are created with you, your market audience and the curriculum in mind. We specialise in  creating products within areas of the curriculum such as Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science.

We also share Social and Environmental Learning ideas around PHSE, Sensory, Anti-Bullying, School Counsellor and Ambassadors for Positive Learning Pathways.


Our design team discuss these areas to provide sketches and feedback on concepts, designs, logos and appropriate product strap-lines for a client 'Review'. From there we adjust designs, practicalities, colours, textures, shapes and patterns for sampling. 

Understanding your Critical Pathway allows us to plan for finished products. Once sampling has occurred we can discuss volumes and pricing.

i do.

i learn.

Blue Bear are connected to over 1000 overseas factories that specialise in various aspects of textile, fabric construction and abilities for finished product. Depending on your requirements any number of these maybe utilised to ensure the best quality products can be produced.


At any point Blue Bear never reduces quality for cash.


At Blue Bear EDU we hold a unique and long working relationship with the factories so we tend to hold better negotiating on MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) than many other much larger corporations. This results in better rates for purchasing goods and cost savings as smaller bulk orders can be planned to assist with stock levels and cashflow.


For a detailed understanding please find a flowchart of an example critical pathway in the product creation page.

Ready to find out more? Read about how our design process begins.

this is an image of children enjoying playing with Blue Bears products

Blue Bear help reduce costs and maintain healthy cash-flows through their Low Minimum Order Quantities and Low Prices



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Typical Timeline Of New Product Supply

N/A for Accessories


28 days

21 days for Accessories


28 days

21 days for Accessories

1st Fit Technical Fitting


14 days

Pre Production Sample

7 days





21 days



56 days

42 days for Accessories

QC Final



1 day


2 days

On Water

28 days

At Port For


3-4 days

14 days for Accessories

Garment 189 days

Accessories 140 days

this is a picture of children playing with Blue Bear Edu's product range
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