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Cost Savings With

Blue Bear EDU

Blue Bear EDU realises that spending government assisted money requires many different outcomes for schools and academy’s. As such Blue Bear EDU looks to find innovative and creative ways in saving you money. We do this throughout the design to product creation process. We consider the balance of quality composition, materials and level of design required verses the authenticity, accurateness and practicality of items being worn or utilised. We provide quick sampling turnarounds and utilise great UK designers that help consider composition and materials to be used. This shorter processing means less money to us and less money in developing items for you.


We also consider cost through the way we purchase and collaborate within the Supply Chain. We are able to reduce costs down by offering lower MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) than you are probably used to. Sometimes up to 30% of the quantity required to other suppliers. This is of great help since low MOQs mean that you do not need to commit to very large orders to gain the best quality and priced products. This also means on trying new lines you don’t have to over commit on stocking. It also means that you can order smaller amounts on a more regular basis, thus enabling warehouse space to be more flexible and even in some cases reduce the warehouse size required! Low MOQs are great for assisting cashflow too, since money doesn’t get tied up in stock preventing product development rolling forward.


We have great relationships with our factories and as such we benefit from great prices. So don’t be too surprised if we are cheaper to buy from too! We do not hold stock ourselves, nor do we need to own large premises with large staffing and overheads. This all goes to give you greater rates!

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