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Blue Bear EDU prides itself on creating positive influencing products for the education sector.

At Blue Bear EDU we like to sign NDAs of confidentiality between ourselves and our clients so that we can work collaboratively to design, create and develop in confidence bespoke products and pricing for the benefit of school heads, school teachers and children within the education sector.


Although the design IPs become Blue Bear EDU's it is agreed that these designs are used solely in connection with that client for an agreed timescale or until they no longer wish to hold stock of the item.


We do this in order to ensure our clients are able to fulfil their mission and values in; listening to the needs of curriculum balanced by the needs of teachers, who are teaching within timeframes and of course the heads of schools that are working within budgets. Of course, where items are under a license agreement then we are duty bound to honour the license holders terms and as such different agreements would be in place with our clients.

Some of our areas of curriculum have been historically within: Science, Reading & Writing, Mathematics, PE, Religion & History. However, we also have developed into areas of PHSE and sensory products to support the development of the physical, mental, emotional and well-being of students.


We also have been developing some of the areas around social development and have touched upon Anti-Bullying, School First Aid, Class Mentor/Ambassador, School Counsellor whereby confidence, listening, communication and stages within these can be phased for all round development support.


Self-worth, self-belief are major factors in development and Blue Bear EDU know that the first formative years of development can influence a child all the way through to adulthood affecting the immediate family and of the wider community. As such we are proud to work in this field of design and product development. As an Educator, Education Head, Education Minister, A School, An Academy or Educational Supplier you wish to collaborate with us to develop more interesting and unique products to enable further positive engagement within education we would love to hear from you. Or if you have a need for specific manufacturing requirement for school wear or bespoke items feel free to call us. If you have a very unique concept and idea we can also help direct you towards patent, trademark or copyright law with our attorneys. 

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